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The Revolutionary Arab Islamic National Socialism of President Saddam Hussein of Baathist Iraq and The Revolutionary Black Nationalism of The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad of The Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party

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President  Saddam Hussein of Iraq The Arab Islamic Nationalist Socialist President of Baathist  Iraq and The Black Muslim Revolutionary and Nation of Islam leader The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad were two of the most uncompromising revolutionary leaders of  recent times both of these great men were in the vanguard of the world struggle against  white western imperialism and global Zionism and both of these men  are hated to this very day  by the  western imperialist and global Zionists Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and president saddam Hussein led parrlel   lives in many way both  of these leaders emerge of the revolutionary  student movments in their counitres  during the 1960s  and they were both fervent nationalists who  developed and reperseintived ideologies and revoutlionary poltical agendas whish extended far beyond theareas that they lived and worked it indded Prisident Saddam Hussein stand against the us imperialist collation in  in operation desert strom would inspire many non-Arab Muslim peoples to rise against their oppressors in lands far outside of the pan Arab homeland  the Black Nationalist teachings of Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad would also have an similar effort among the Black Masses outside of the United States such as in South Africa and also along The Latino and Native American Indigenous masses within the United states and his ideological influence would spread to other areas of the Non-White Pan Original world as well. the paths of The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and President Saddam Hussein of Baathist Iraq and The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad would cross paths directly in the year 1983 when The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad would travel to Baathist Iraq representing Minister Louis Farrakhan and his branch of the Nation of Islam as member of a joint delegation of Black Nationalist and Pan African Nationalist groups from the United States who traveled to Iraq due to an official invention from the Arab Islamic Baathist government of Iraq to inspect the progress of Arab Islamic National Socialism in Iraq during the trip The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad was so impressed with Baathist Iraq that he wrote an article in the final call newspaper pressing Arab Islamic Socialism in Iraq. and defending Baathist Iraq from the Christian Zionists charges that it was the prophetic spiritual Babylon of the Jewish and Christian bible which it is not and The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad pointed out in his article that the true Babylon of the bible was not Baathist Iraq under the leadership of president Saddam Hussein but rather the United states of America and its government in 1991 The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad would again come to the defense of Baathist Iraq and President Saddam Hussein after president Saddam Hussein when he endorsed the call for global jihad against US Imperialism that president Saddam Hussein issued against US imperialism and its allies in the Arab World and broader Pan Original third world after Baathist Iraq came under political and military attack from western imperialism and global Zionism in the aftermath of its liberation of Kuwait the 19th province of Iraq from the neo-colonist rule of the Al-Sabah family. in the years after the US and Zionist aggression on Baathist Iraq Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad himself would come under direct attack from US imperialism and global Zionism after his glories and historic Kean collage speech in New Jersey in November of 1993 where Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad condemned and attack the global Zionist political order and its ally the apartheid White Nationalist setter colonist government of South Africa. the whole of the mainstream political establishment of the United States and the world Zionist political order along with right wing conservative bourgeois forces within Minister Farrakhan’s branch of the Nation of Islam would come out against the Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad for his glorious and revolutionary speech at Kean collage but The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad would not buck and crack under the pressure and he would go on to become the chairman of the New Black Panther Party and continue to call for global Black Power and Pan Original world revolution and the global overthrow of white world supremacy and its ally global Zionism. up until his untimely passing in February of 2001 Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad passed on until the realm of the Revolutionary ancestors but his revolutionary spirit and revolutionary ideology of Black Nationalism and Pan Africanism lives on will live on until all Black and original people everywhere on this planet are free and liberated from White world imperialism and global Zionism forever and for all time. Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad is widely considered today to be the second coming and direct revolutionary heir to Malcolm X and he left an revolutionary legacy which shall live on and endure for all time. during these years President Saddam Hussein would also continue on with his political struggle against western imperialism and global Zionism in the Pan Arab homeland and he would continue to call for the compete and total liberation of historical Arab and Islamic Palestine from the Zionist occupation and he would back revolutionary and anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist political forces all over the Arab and Islamic homeland. and for this he along with the Arab Islamic National Socialist state that he had established in Iraq were targeted for destruction by the forces and the year of 2003 US Imperialism and its allies along with the blessing of Iran Kuwait and other reactionary states in the region would invade Iraq in an effort to destroy Arab Islamic National Socialism in Iraq. But Saddam Hussein took his government and army underground in order to wage an partisan peoples guerrilla war against the US occupiers of Iraq in a war of liberation which has lasted to this day. President Saddam Hussein would be captured in battle and taken prisoner by the US occupppring forces and then put on trail by a sham puppet government and court and then executed but despite this his revolutionary Arab National Socialism still lives on today in the Arab World and elsewhere and it will continue to inspire new generations of revolutionary Arab and Muslim youths until all of the Arab and Muslim world is liberated from the rule of western Imperialism and Global Zionism The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and President Saddam Hussein were two of the most hardcore and militant Anti-Imperialist and Anti Zionist revolutionaries of the last half century and they have both left an revolutionary legacy and mark on the Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist world struggle which shall not soon be forgotten and of which can never be written out of history and forgotten.

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The Revolutionary Pan Arabism of Saddam Hussein and The Lost Found Arabic Muslim Peoples in The West

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It has been  10 years   since President  Saddam Hussein was martyed by the forces of US Imperialsim Iran and the forces of world Zionism.  but his Revolutionary Legacy of Arab  Nationalism   Baathism and Arab Islamic Socialsim  lives on in Iraq and though the rest of the Arab world and Pan Arab diaspora.   The Baaath Party and Military forces trained and raised up by Saddam Hussein  are still a revolutionary fighting force on the ground in  occupied Iraq    and they are  committed  to driving   US Imperialism and Iran out of Arabic Iraq and resorting Iraq to the Ideological path of Revolutionary Arab Nationalism and Arab Islamic Socialism.  Saddam Hussein taught the map of the Pan Arab Homeland would expanded  as  the peoples  of Arabic ethnic  and cultural ancestral  heritage  around the world  would  one day seek   to reembeace  their Arabic ancestral and cultural  roots. and the lands of North and South America along with the Caribbean are full of countless millions of people who have Arabic ancestral and cultural roots  and  many  of the peoples of Arabic descent in this area  are now currently  reembracing their Arabic ancestral and cultural roots.   and this is an event which is going to have an profound impact on the global geopolitical  stage.   President Saddam Hussein  was an staunch  supporter of the  various  revolutionary struggles of Latin America and  of the oppressed nations and peoples within The United States President Saddam Hussein Supported  Comrade Fidel Castro and Socialist Cuba and he supported the Nation of Islam under the Leadership of Minister Louis Farrakhan and The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and Baathist Iraq under his leadership hosted several Nation of Islam delegations  that traveled to Iraq during his  presidency of Iraq.  President Saddam Hussein upheld the Socialist Cuban Revolution   of Comrade Fidel Castro  as a model revolutionary path for all of the Third world to follow with  its  revolutionary mixture   of  revolutionary Cuban nationalism and socialism.    President Saddam Hussein  also supported the Bolivarian  revolution of President Hugo Chavez  of Venezuela in addition to this  President Saddam Hussein also called for the creation of an joint military and political alliance between  Baathist Iraq  and the revolutionary  countries of Latin American  and the creation of an NAATO  like organization that would be made up  of  of all oppressed Non-white and Non-Western Third world and Slavic   countries. for this and for his other revolutionary  activities   and actions  such as his ongoing support to liberate historical Arab Palestine from the Zionist occupation   US Imperialism targeted Baathist Iraq for destruction.  and in 2003 US Imperialism and its allies with the quiet support of the Iranian government invaded Baathist Iraq to end the government  of President Saddam Hussein and the Revolutionary Baath Party which in the year 2003 was one of the most Anti-Imperialist and Anti-Zionist governments in the world. President Saddam Hussein took the Baath Party underground in order to wage an guerrilla  warfare against the US occupiers and its allies.  President Saddam Hussein would lose his earthly life in this noble  and heroic  struggle but the Arab Socialist Baath Party is to this very day  continuing  the fight to drive US Imperialism and Iran out of Iraq and all of the Pan Arab Homeland.     The Lost Found Muslim Masses of North and South America which includes The Black Nation witin the United States and all of the Latino communities of North America. must honor The Arab Islamic Nationalist  Socialist  legacy of   President Saddam Hussein by overthrowing The  White Anglo Zionist  setter colonist rule in North America. and creating a Pan Latino and  Pan Indigenous  State and Proletarian Islamic Socialist Order in North America.  which will then spread to the Caribbean and South America and liberate  all of  the lost found Arab heritage  Muslim masses of the Western hemisphere these events will in turn aid and assist the struggles of the Arab Nation in the eastern hemisphere  which is an Nation that  is related to the Black and Latino Lost found Muslim masses in the western hemisphere   by ties of blood  culture and history. once these ties are renewed and embraced The global balance of political  power will swing back in  favor of the Arab Nation and the geopolitical power of the Arab Nation shall return to what is was in the days of the  glorious Arab Islamic   Rashidun  Umayyad  Abbasid  and Fatimid caliphates  and be  stronger and  greater then ever before.  the power of the Arab Nation shall then extend from Yemen to Mauritania and across the Atlantic  ocean to The Arab heritage descended peoples of The Western   hemisphere  which primarily includes the  peoples of Spanish Portuguese  and  West  African descent  who live in the United States The Caribbean Islands  Latin America and other parts of the Western Hemisphere   when all of this is done the peoples of the Arab Nation in The east  and the Arabic ancestral and cultural   heritage descended peoples  of the Western hemisphere  shall  see  the dawn of a new golden age which shall never fade away and of which shall  restore the power of Arabism and Islam the world over.

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The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West Statement on The 80th Anniversary of The Coming of Master Fard Muhammad

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July 4th 2010 is the 8oth anniversary of the coming of Allah in The  Person of Master Fard Muhammad to North America to  mentally and physically resurrect the Black Original and Lost Found  Islamic Nation here in North American to a knowledge of self and political independence from Mr Yakubs wicked  grafted white devil race. Master Fard Muhammad  is the Socialist Proletarian Mahdi of Proletarian Islam his coming to North America and his teaching of The Knowledge of self to the Lost found Original Black Brown Red Masses and the raising up of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Proletarian Messenger of Allah and the establishment of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West. was spoken of and foretold  of by Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and the  holy Imams of the Ahl al-bayt and their companions . centuries ago the teaching of Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.  are truly divine and are linked and connected to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad and his Ahl-Al-Bayt the main purpose of the coming of Allah in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. was to reconnect the Black and Original Nation in North America into the rich knowledge of self of our Islamic heritage and identity  and to also being forth a new world by destroying and overthrowing  the rule of the 10 Percenters the rich white blood suckers of the poor. which is the rule of the global  rich white capitalist ruling  class of the world. that is oppressing the masses of Original and islamic   people  around the world. the Black brown Red and Yellow masses around the world must arm ourselves  with the revolutionary Proletarian Communist thought of Allah  who came in the person of Master Fard Muhammad. as well as the Revolutionary Communist thought of VI Lenin Sultan Galiev JV Stalin Mao Zedong Kim IL Sung Kwame Nkrumah  Ahmed Sekou Toure Siad Barre Ho Chi Minh Fidel Castro Ernesto Che Guevara. among other Revolutionary Communist thinkers from among  the Original Peoples of the world. and become  Proletarian Islamic 5 Percenters the Poor Righteous  Teachers of the  Poor and oppressed Original and Islamic Masses of The World. the time in history has now come for the Black Brown Red and Yellow Original Masses. to now rise up in armed Revolutionary struggle worldwide. in order to overthrow the global white capitalist power structure. and after accepting that to then build a new Pan Original Socialist World order base on Pan Original World Nationalism and Proletarian Islam.within the ranks of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the west Leaders like Minster Malcolm X  Alprentice Bunchy Carter Eldridge Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  and even though he was never a registered Muslim  Comrade Huey P Newton must be  included in this list all understood that  the path of armed struggle and Pan Original World Nationalism and Socialism was the Path  for the Lost Found Nation of Islam to follow. of al of these leaders the two greater and most knowledgable were Minster Malcolm X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad.  Minster Malcolm X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad were the two major leaders of the Nation of Islam to fully understand the deeper  and hidden meaning in the  teachings of Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad just as Imam Ali Abu Talib and the Imams and their companions understood the deeper and hidden meaning of the Holy Quran and the Teachings of The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah 1 400 years ago. Minster Malcolm X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad were able to understand the true deeper and inner meaning of the teachings of Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. and the goal of Master Fard Muhammad was to  raise up a messenger in The Person of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. for the Black and Original Lost Found  Islamic Nation in the West to teach us knowledge of self in order to gear up the lost found  Black and Original  Lost Found Nation to wage armed Revolutionary struggle  to overthrow the white power structure  here in North America and around the world  and then bring in and build a Pan Original  Socialist  New World order built around the Black Brown Red and Yellow  Original Masses of the World. The ideology of Proletarian Islam will  make this a manifest reality in this World.  today July 4th 2010 let us the  Lost Found Nation of Islam in The West rejoice in the coming of Allah in the  Person of Master Fard Muhammad on The 80th Anniversary of his coming to detroit Michigan to teach the Lost Found Original and Islamic People of the West. Master Fard Muhammad is  the Proletarian Socialist Mahdi of Proletarian Islam. and we in The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the West will never forget his coming to the Lost but Now Found Original  and Islamic Nation in The West and all other Original and Islamic People worldwide.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West 13th of Rajab Statement

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The Leadership of The Lost Found Proletarian Nation  of Islam in The West greets and salute the revolutionary heritage and legacy of  Imam Ali Abu Talib  on this the 13th of Rajab which is the Anniversary of the glorious birth of Imam Ali Abu Talib the great cousin and son-in-law of the Noble Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah[PBUH[  Imam Ali was a great and Noble Islamic Socialist Revolutionary and a great forerunner of the ideology of Proletarian Islam which is the international Idelogy of  the Pan   Islamic Working Class.   The Leadership of The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam calls upon   the Black Nation in North America  as well as all other Pan original Black Brown Red and Yellow Original Peoples worldwide as well as the Islamic Ummah should study and emulate the life and teachings of Imam Ali Abu Talib as never before as in  The Life of Imam Ali Abu Talib.  there can be found much  Spiritual and political knowledge   that can and will be of value to  the oppressed  Pan Original and Pan Islamic Masses of the World.  as The Pan Islamic and original Nation moves forward toward total libration from the grip of the  reactionary White imperialist and Zionist ruling  class  of the world. who are oppressing the  Islamic and Orgrinal Nation and People worldwide. so on this The 13th of Rajab  the leadership and registered Muslims of the  Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West. will be studying the  political and Spiritual Teachings of our beloved Imam Ali Abu Talib as never before as the Teachings of Imam Ali Abu Talib and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad are one and the same and go hand in hand with each other and we wish to take this time  to also call upon the Pan Islamic Ummah  and it various  madhhabs and schools of thought to strive to come together in love and unity with one other as we are all branches of the same tree of the Universal Nation of Islam that was frist panted by the Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah.  over 1 400 years ago and all of our mahhabs and schools of thought within the Pan Islamic  Ummah and homeland must come  together in love and unity and defeat White World Western imperialism and  Word Zionism. and all of  our other enemies and reunify and unite our vast Islamic Homeland which stretches from West Africa to Indonesia into one Islamic Socialist Superstate and conquer the World for Islam as Allah in The Holy Quran commands the Islamic Ummah to carry out with the teaching of Imam Ali Abu Talib and The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad this great command and goal can be made a manifest reality in this world.

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As-Salaam-Alaikum Welcome to The Official Website of The Lost Found Proletarian Nation Islam in The West.

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As-Salaam- Alaikum Welcome to the official Website of  The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West we are the Working Class Communist Wing of The Lost Found Nation of Islam in The West that was established  on July 4th 1930 in Detroit Michigan by Master Fard Muhammad.  who was Allah in Person and the long-awaited Messiah and Mahdi that was foretold of by The  Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah. and was led for 44 Years by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian Messenger of Allah. who Master Fard Muhammad The Socialist Mahdi of Proletarian Islam. raised up for the Black man and Black Woman in the hells of North America. and ultimately for the whole of the Islamic Ummah as well as for the  Black Brown Red and Yellow Pan  Original Masses of The World. the Lost found  Nation of Islam  has produced  great leaders from its revolutionary Working class left wing such  as  Minster Sultan Muhammad Malcolm X and the Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad. who was the John the Baptist of Proletarian Islam. the  Lost Found Proletarian Islam in The West believes in the revolutionary Communist teachings of VI Lenin Sultan  Galiev  JV Stalin Mao Zedong Ho Chi Minh  Fidel Castro  Che Guevara.  The Juche idea of Kim Il Sung  and the Songun idea  of Kim Jong IL and the  great Communist thought of Kwame Nkrumah Ahmed Sekou Toure  Siad Barre  as well as the Revolutionary  Islamic Socialism of Zaki Al- Arsuzi Michel Aflaq  Gamal Abdul Nasser  Muhammad Ali Zinnah Muhammad Iqbal Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Ali Shariati   Hafiz Al- Assad Saddam Hussein among  many others great Islamic Socialist leaders and thinkers and our own Islamic Socialist and Communist thought form the History and tradition of The Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West and the ever developing ideology of Proletarian Islam. Which is the International ideology of  The Pan Islamic Working Class. here at our website you will found articles statements and news from the Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the West. we hope that you will enjoy our website and  came back often if you have any questions or concerns you can contact  The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam at