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Statement on the 137th anniversary of the Birth of Comrade JV Stalin

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On the  occasion  of the 137th anniversary of the birth of comrade Joseph Stalin the Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the West extends  a militant  red fist proletarian  statute  to the revolutionary memory and legacy to Comrade Joseph Stalin  who was  one of the greatest Leaders and Heroes to The cause of The Liberation of The International Working Class  along with the liberation of the oppressed nations of the world. Comrade Stalin built up and consolidated the first Marxist-Leninist Socialist state in the world and he defended the Asiatic world from the Imperialism and expansionism of the racist Germanic aggression of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany  and Comrade Joseph Stalin also inspired the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Islamic Socialism of the Nation of Islam  The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the west being the   Proletarian  working class communist wing of the Nation of Islam  that was established by   Master Fard Muhammad shall forever honor Comrade Stalin and we shall set up an Islamic socialist state for the lost but now found Black and Latino   masses  on north American soil which shall be based on the teachings of Islam as taught by Master Fard Muhammad and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and  the  Marxist Leninist  Socialist principles of Stalin   on this the 137 anniversary of the birth  of comrade Joseph Stalin we say Allah Hu Akbar and Glory  and Honor to Stalin for his Revolutionary Leadership of The Soviet Union and The Pan Asiatic Original World.

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2014 May Day Statement From The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West

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The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West would like to greet the International Working Class on its Day and at the same time salute The Pan Islamic and Pan Original Working Class and call for the speeding up of the Pan Original and World Proletarian Revolution The current day White Imperialist and White Zionist World Order is intensifying its oppression of The International Working Class and The Oppressed Nations of the World they even want to undermine and destroy the Russian federation but President Vladimir Putin and The People of Russia are fighting back and resisting with all of their might The US Imperialist bloc also has its sights on China and India along with The other rising powers of Asia The Pan Asian Working Class and The Oppressed Nations of Asia must strike back and crush US White Power Imperialism in its current plan to dominate the continent The Pan Asian Working class must ally in the various Asian countries with the Pan Asian Peasantry and The Other Anti-Imperialist classes within Asian society in a gigantic Peoples War of Pan Asian Liberation, and Make The Asian Continent its Very Own The Pan Asian Working Class is The only class that can lead the fight for the total and full freedom of Asia in Africa The African Masses both Arab and Non Arab Muslim and Non Muslim must unite in revolutionary struggle and create a Socialist United States of Africa stretching from Tunisia to South Africa This Pan-African union must one day also included the Arab Countries to the east of Egypt as well within North America The Black Brown Red and Yellow Pan original Working Class must unite all of the Non White Masses of North America in a joint Pan Original War of National and Socialist Liberation that will result in a new political and social order that will end White European Rule in North America for all time and create a Socialist Commonwealth of Aztlan The New Afrikan Black Nation Puerto Rico and The indigenous Native American Nations of North America and then this new Socialist Commonwealth of The Original Peoples of North America must unite and form a Pan Indigenous Union with Latin America and The Caribbean Islands so that the Pan Indigenous and Pan Original Revolution The Western hemisphere shall be complete The Pan Original Non-White Working Class Must Struggle on in all parts of The World for Pan Original Socialist Revolutions that will result in The global victory of the Original Non-White Peoples of the World and the final downfall and defeat of Yakub and His Wicked White civilization.

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad Vladimir Ilyich Lenin The American South and Black Liberation

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The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian Messager of Allah and The Pan Asanist Communist Revolutionary Vladimir Lenin both taught in their great teachings that The American South or The Southern United states was the most repressive and anti-Black Region of The United States this is seen most clearly in our time with the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin killing and the recent spate in convictions of Black Men and Black Women in Stand Your Ground self-defence cases in Florida and other areas of The American south. The South has always been oppressive to Black People as Lenin and The Honorable Elijah Muhammad pointed out in their many speeches and writings from The time that The first Africans landed in Jamestown Virginia as Slaves in the year 1619 and the Long oppressive centuries of slavery in the period after to the crushing of Black political power in The Reconstruction period to the murder of Emment Till to todays murder of Brother Trayvon Martn The South is a land of Terror for The New Afrikan Black Nation. you have a few bourgeois Blacks that do well in the South but for The Black working Class Masses conditions in the american south are still oppressive in both The cities and countryside of The American south. things do not have to be this way and they will not stay the way forever The White European American population of the south have no right to live there since they are descendents of White European setter invaders who invaded the region several hundred years ago. the New Afrikan Black Nation on The other hand has every right to live in The American south since it is descendened from The aboriginal indigenous nations in The Region such as The Cherokee creek Seminole and The many other Indigenous Nations and Peoples as well as being descended from The Many Peoples of Africa who were bought to America as slave in The Old South. Lenin always held that The Black Nation within what is now The United States is an oppressed Nation The same as Ireland and the oppressed nations in Africa and Asia. and that True Revolutionary Marxist-Leninist must support The National liberation struggle of the Black Nation The same way as every other colonial National liberation struggle is treated. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad during his time among us would teach That separation and independence of The Black Masses of The United States into their own Separate and Independent Nation State from The White oppressor nation was the only solution to The oppression of The Black Masses within what is now The United States. Today The Black masses must rise up and liberate their historic homeland in what is now The Southern United States and create an independent Black Nation state and Homeland only when this is done will the Black Masses in The American south and all of North America. enjoy and have true Freedom justice and Equity from White Setter colonialism and imperialism .

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The Geroge Zimmerman Acquittal and The Need for The Revolutionary Black Nationalist Teachings of Malcolm X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad

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George Zimmerman The Murder of Trayvon Martn has been found not guilty by a Seminole County jury in the US State Florida This Verdict shows once again that there is no justice for the Black Man and Black Woman in the racist criminal courts of the United States of The United States of America as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian messenger of Allah pointed out The Black Man in The United States is living under The Very shadow of Death The Only Hope for The Black Masses is a Pro Socialist New Democratic revolution that will result in the political independence of The New African Black Nation nothing short of this goal will create freedom justice and equity for the Black Man Woman and Child in addition The Black Nation in North America was taught by Malcolm X That true Black Revolution would entitle fighting for independent Black states within what is now The United States later on The immortal Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad the leader of The modern-day Black Revolution taught that The Black Masses and Black Nation must engage in armed struggle and self-defence against The Forces of White Power Imperialism and its Terrorism against The Black Masses within The United States. Black Power Revolution as Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Taught us is The Only Way to win Black Liberation and an Independent Black Nation State in North America. which will be a Base Area for both The Black Power World Revolution and The Global Pan Original World Socialist Revolution of The Oppressed Non-White Black Brown Red a Yellow and Slavic Masses of The Earth.

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Christopher Dorner a Proletarian Islamic Maoist View

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Over The Past Few Days ther has been much debate within Revolutionary Communist circles and among The Black Nationalist and Islamic forces over wherever Christopher Dorner was a Revolutionary and if his battle with The Los Angeles Police Department was a Revolutionary Struggle or a fight between Imperialists and Thw White Imperialist System since Christopher Dorner was an ex LA cop who only broke with The White Imperialist Systerm after he was fired from The LA Police Force after filling a complaint againist a White Police officer for using Excessive froce aganist a Black Man. yes it is true and can not be negated that Christopher Dorner was a stooge and servant of Imperialism at one point in his Life due to the Social Role that he played as a Police Officer on The Los Angeles Police Force. this is not to say that Christopher Dorner was a bad person no we say this because an individual can never rise above his or hers Social Role that They play in Society. as Lenin Taught us Long Ago in His Classic Work The State and Revolution a Sate is a body of Armed Men with Police Officers and Prisons at its Disposal The Government of The United States is an White Supremacist Imperialist State Built on Slavery The African Holocaust and The Murder and Thief of The Lands of The Indgenuious People of North America and the Thief of Land from Mexico and The Oppression of Non-White Original People Worldwide. all of This is The Imperialist System That Christopher Dorner once worked for and swore to uphold and defend as a Los Angels Police Officer but is also has to be stated that it was while being a Los Angeles Police Officer that Christopher Dorner begin his Self -Criticsm and Self-Refection that led him to later take up Arms against The Los Angeles Police Department. in This he Resembles The Fictional Character Ben Richards from The 1987 Hollywood Movie called The Running Man The Ben Richards Character played by The actor Arnold Schwarzengger was also a California cop like Christopher Dorner who after a period of Self -Criticm and Self-Refection also turned againist The System and become a Beloved folk hero to The Oppressed Masses. just like Christopher Dorner has become a folk Hero to The Oppressed Black Latino and other Non-White Oppressed Masses within the United States and Around The World. due to his armed actions against The Racist Los Angeles Police Department. The Lost Found Proletarian Nation fo Islam as well as The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam does not believe that Conditions are ripe for Armed Struggle within The United States. but The Actions of Christopher Dorner shows that The White Imperialist System is in a deep Crisis and in This Present Crisis many Members of The Us Military and Police Forces espeacially from The Oppressed Non-White Oppressed Nations and Communites will turn their Guns on The Imperialist System. as They Self – Refect on The Social Role that They play and as they look at and review The Very Nature of The White Imperialist System that they serve. Christopher Dorner May Very Well Be The First of Millons More of his type in The Future in both The Soviet and Chinese Revolutuons there were many figures such as Chritopher Dorner who were members of The Old Reactionary System that came over to The Side of The People and The Revolution The Revolution in North America will be no Different in This Respect. Christopher Dorner may not have been a part of a Revolutionary Organization with a Revolutionary Ideology but despite this he Struck Fear into The Heart of Many White Racists within The United States and he Further Exposed The Corrupt and Racist Nature of The Los Angeles Police Department and for Thus he is Beloved and Revered by The Oppressed Black Latino and Non-White Masses within The Prison House of Nations that is The United States. and in that sense Christopher Dorner was a Soldier for The People and a Peoples Warriors and he Shall Never Be Forgotten by The People and His Memory Shall Live on Forever.

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The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West Statement on the 113Th Anniversary of the Birth of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Proletarian Messanger of Allah

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Today October 7th is the 113th  Anniversary of The birth of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Proletarian Messager of Allah  in Sandersville Georgia in the  historical Homeland and National territory of the New Afrikan Black Nation this is a date that is sacred and dear to the  Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West and all Proletarian Muslims worldwide. as the birth and life of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad change the very course of Islamic and World history as it was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who made Islam a mass movement and a force and power to be reckoned with within the Western World. in 1923 the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad relocated to Detroit Michigan where in 1931 he Met the Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Master Fard Muhammad who was Allah in Person and the Mahdi  that was foretold  of by Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah and his family over  1 4oo years ago 1931 the year that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was a very intese time of National and Class struggle within the  Original World of the Non-White Black Brown Red and Yellow masses of the world. in China the Chinese Revolution was well underway  where Mao Zedong  established the frist Chinese Soviet Republic in Ruijin China   in India the Indian Nationalist movement was shaking the very foundations of the Evil White British Empire  and in Korea the Great Leader Kim Il Sung was  busy launching the Korean Revolution. and Africa and Arabia and the whole of the Islamic World and Japan was  in advanced state of Revolutionary ferment against White World imperialism. and the Great Soviet Union under Comrade JV Stalin was building a Socialist Countryside in  the Soviet State  such was the state of the world in the year that Master Fard Muhammad raised up the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad after the departure of Master Fard Muhammad the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad built the  Lost Found Nation of Islam in the West into a powerful provincial government  of the Lost Found Islamic Original Peoples of the West in addition the Lost Found Nation of Islam under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad became the  most succesful  Socialist Movement in the History of North America. the Honorable Elijah Muhammad built a successful Socialist command economy  based on the  islamic Socialist principles Master Fard Muhammad and the teachings of  Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. with the  planed economic programs of the Lost Found Nation of Islam under his leadership.  the Honorable Elijah Muhammad held a very wide ideological impact on the Black Liberation  struggle of the  Black Nation in North America. and elsewhere such as  with the Student Non violent Coordinating committee were the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad took the young Kwame Toure under his wing and protection the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  also had a major ideological impact on the Black Panther Party of Comrade Huey P Newton and the Black Panther Party who Marxist-Leninist- Maoist ideology   was based on the teachings of Minster Malcolm X.  The Black Panther Party considered Malcolm X to be its spiritual Father and the teachings of Malcolm X  were but a secular form of the Islamic Socialist teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. many other groups and formation  of the Black  Brown Red and Yellow  liberation Movements of North America would  based their work and ideologies on the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Proletarian Messenger of Allah. the Honorable Elijah Muhammad is the  ideological father of  the modern day  Black  conscious and he is also the father of modern day Islamic Nationalism in North American as he was the frist Muslim Leader in North America to call for a separate islamic State and Homeland in North America in this time of  increased Islamophobia in the US it has become painfully apparent once again that the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad was truly a man ahead  of his time with his call for a separate Islamic State in North America  all Muslims in The US  as Well as North America as a whole honor revere and accept the  Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and  fight for the National Independence and Liberation of the Islamic Nation in North America which stretches from  California Aztlan in the West to the New Afrikan National Territory in what is now the us south and other areas of the historical New Afrikan Black Nation in North America. the Black Brown and Red Original Nations of Aztlan New Afrika and the various Indigenous frist Nations are the vanguard of the emerging Islamic Revolution and nationality in North America . as the Black Brown Red  Masses all belong to the Lost Found Nation of Islam in North American who were frist identified as   lost and now found islamic  People by Master Fard Muhammad the Socialist Mahdi of Proletarian Islam. the time in history has now come for all of the Lost and Found Islamic Nation of North and South  America to now Reembrace our Lost found Islamic heritage and become Muslims. as only in this way can we have and enjoy freedom justice and equity while we live.this is now happening as Islam is  growing very fast in North America among the Black and Latino Original Peoples and this is also happening in  Latin America and the Caribbean as well South America proper as Islam spreads on the streets there among the masses and  on the governmental level many of the governments are now geopoliticailyl  aligned with the Arab and Islamic World such as  Brazil and Venezuela who are now both observer member of the Arab League and Socialist Cuba  which has long had tiles with the Arab and Islamic World. under Fidel and Raul Castro.  The Arab and Islamic World has reciprocate as Both Islamic Iran and Arab Socialist Syria have strengthen ties with Latin America. which is now of the great geo political developments of our time. the main task of our era for the Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses of North America is to wage a  Proletarian Islamic Pan Lost Found Nation of Islam  Revolutionary armed struggle from Canada to Uruguay  in order to overthrow the rule the imperialist ruling class and establish a Lost Found  Proletarian Islamic Socialist Republic that will be based on the Islamic Socialist teachings of Master Fard Muhammad and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  that will be led by the popular classes of the Lost found Islamic Peoples of the West which will be led by the Proletarian Working class. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad always know that the day would come when we would have to wage armed struggle to liberate the Lost Found Islamic Original Peoples of the West . and our homeland which stretches from Alaska to Uruguay  and that is one of the main historical tasks of the ideology of Proletarian Islam and the Pan Islamic and Pan Original  Lost Found Proletarian Working Class of the West and then after our victory we can then join hands with our  fellow Original and Islamic Brothers and Sister of Asia and Africa and we will see the establishment of a new era of  Freedom Justice and equally for the Original Peoples of the World  we must now bring the vision of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad into a manifest reality on this earth.

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