Statement on the White Nationalist Terrorist Attack in Charlottesville Virginia

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the West denounces and condemns   todays terrorist attack  by white nationalist political  forces in the city of Charlottesville Virginia against counter protesters who were protesting the White Nationalist march and rally in that city today. the Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam sends its condolences  to the protesters on the ground   who were killed in the car attack today  and we offer our well wises to all of the Anti-Racist  protesters  who were injured in this  attack and we wish them an speedy recovery.  in this age of Donald Trump  all Anti-Fascist and Anti-White Nationalist forces must remained vigilance  and on guard and be prepared to defend themselves  in the immortal words of the Late Nation of Islam Leader Malcolm X by any means necessary   and never let up or give   up in the  fight   to overthrow Global White Supremacy and White Imperialism the World Over

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