Message of Condolences to The Cuban Government and The Communist Party of Cuba on The Passing of Comrade Fidel Castro

To President Raul Castro The Cuban council of State  and The Communist Party of Cuba


The Leadership and registered  membership of The   Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam  in The West  would like to extend to you  and the entire Cuban Nation  our most heartfelt and sincere  condolences on the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro  the great leader  of the Cuban revolution and   the friend to oppressed peoples worldwide. the Nation of Islam has long had political  relations with  comrade Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution.  early on in the days immodestly  after the victory of the revolution one our great Nation of Islam leaders Malcolm x understood  the geopolitical importance of the Cuban revolution  and  its impact on the  oppressed masses of Africa Asia Latin America and the oppressed Black Nation within the borders of the United States. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad the immortal leader of the Nation Islam during this same time period after the victory of the Cuban revolution would in his political writings also uphold the Cuban revolution as a model for the oppressed black Nation within The United states to follow and emulate during comrade Fidel Castro’s September 1960 visit to The UN general assembly in New York city The defense force of the Nation of Islam The Fruit of Islam of Muhammad Mosque number 7 in Harlem assisted in the security arraignments of comrade Fidel during his visit to the city comrade Fidel Castro and the Cuban state would go on to continue to serve as an ideological symbol of inspiration and hope to the oppressed masses of Africa Asia Latin American and the whole world and we in the Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam are confident that the socialist Cuban state shall continue to remain as such Comrade Fidel Castro has passed but the love that the Anti-Imperialist masses of the world had for him shall remain and so will his excellent and exemplary revolutionary socialist and communist example in this Comrade Fidel Castro is immortal

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