The Nation of Islam Calls Upon The Masses of Sacramento California To Take to The Streets and Demand Justice For Stephon Clark

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the West calls upon the masses of Sacramento California and the state as a whole to take to the streets and ballot boxes and demanded justice for Bother Stephan Clark The Young Black Man Muslim and father of two who was brutally murdered by the Sacramento California police department at the same time however we in the Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam have a sacred and revolution duty to point out to the Black masses and all other Original people of color that the present political social and economic system of the State of California and the United State as a whole is incapable of delivering justice to Brother Stephan Clark and his family and this system as whole is incapable of ever providing true freedom justice and liberation for the Black and other Non-White Original Peoples of Color and the only way that this can be bought about is through the National liberation of all of the opposed nations that are held captive within the borders of what is now the United States and this includes the Mexican masses of what is now the US state of California the present us state of California is in reality Aztlan or northern Mexico who have the divine right to national independence or reunification with Mexico and the Mexican Nation to The south of California and the New Afrikan Black Nation has the except same right to set up its own Black Nation in what is now the US Southeast Malcolm the greater revolutionary forefather of Proletarian Islam taught in his day that a True Black Revolution in the United States would not be a fight for civil rights and social equality with White Americans rather Malcolm X taught the Black masses that a true Black Revolution in North America should be based around creating an independent and separate Black Nation for the oppressed Black masses and what Malcolm X taught in the 1960s is still very much true today as The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad the revolutionary successor of Malcolm X pointed out that Black Power Revolution against the white supremacist and imperialist system of oppression is the Only Solution for the Black and NON-White Pan Original masses in North America and we in the Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam and the rest of The Proletarian Islamic camp know and understand that what Malcolm X and the Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad taught on the Black Revolution in North America is true and correct and that The Socialist transformation of all of North America under the leadership of the Black Brown Red Yellow Asian and Middle Eastern working class masses is the only way that the oppression of the Black Nation and All Other Non-White Original People in The United States and all of North America can be bought to an end once and for all


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