Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Winnie Mandela and The Black Revolution in South Africa

The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and Winnie Mandela  were two  revolutionary comrades in arms who had similar  political views when it came to the question of what would constitute  true liberation for The long suffering and oppressed  Black African masses of South Africa they both believe that  what South African need was a radical and militant  reconstruction  of the political economic social and military power between the setter  colonists whites in South Africa who originally come from Europe  and this was not done in South Africa in the early 1990s after the resale of Nelson Mandela from prison and the country’s first  multiracial  political elections  Nelson Mandela and his political program of one man one vote did not empower the masses of Black South Africans with true  political power and true control over their lives and the resources of the country the true political power and the economy of South Africa still remained in the hands of the white south African setter colonists despite the election of Nelson Mandela and  the rise of his  wing of the African National Congress into  semi state power in South Africa  both The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and Comrade Winnie Mandela   knew and understood that this was not true liberation they both knew  that  true liberation  for the majority of Black South African would only come when  they are able to gain full and compete control of the land politics and resources of South Africa and drive the White setter colonists out of the country this was not done  during the presidency of Nelson Mandela and his early successors    but  this is an action which  must be done before South Africa can be truly liberated and freed from Neo-white  setter colonialism    the White setter colonist and the remaining apparatus  of their old state power must be completely  destroyed   and replaced  with the revolutionary political power of the Black African masses of South Africa and the transformation of the entire country into a Revolutionary Black Nationalist and Pan African Socialist  State  and a base area for the global Black and Pan African  world revolution against white world supremacy  and global Zionism  and in this endeavor  the Black masses of South Africa shall have the support of the revolutionary ancestral spirits   of both The Honorable Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and the resected elder Sister Winnie Mandela both of who always wanted South Africa to be a Revolutionary Black Nationalist  country with a Pan African Nationalist government  and ideological  orientation.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam can be contacted at proletariannationofislam@yahoo.com




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