Nation of Islam Statement on The Passing of Sister Winnie Mandela

We in The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam are deeply sadden to hear of the passing  of our beloved revolutionary sister and comrade Winnie Mandela one of the greatest  Black Nationalist and Pan Africanist figures in the history of the Global Pan African and Black Liberation struggle  she shall be very badly missed and we send our condoacnes to her family revolutionary friends and comrade and the  revolutionary Anti-imperialist and Anti-Zionist masses of South Africa Sister Winnie Mandela was a great friend ally and supporter of the Nation of Islam  and she visited and spent time with the Nation  of Islam  in 1996 during  Minister Louis Farrakhan’s word day of atonement  outside of the United Nations in New York City and she retured the next year to attend and to support the historic Million Womens March hosted and ornrzaied by Sister Phile Chionesu   in Philadelphia   Pennsylvania   and Sister Winnie Mandela would maintain  political and cultural ties and relations  to the Nation of Islam for the rest of her life on earth and we in The Nation of Islam shall miss her greatly but at the same time we know and are happy that she shall remain with us in Revolutionary Spirit    because African and all other Non-White Original People never die in spirit  rather they live on though revolutionary struggles and hopes and dreams of the people and Sister Winnie Mandela Shall Always remain with us in spirit  as the struggle to overthrow Neo-Setter colonialism   continues  on the ground in South Africa and in this struggle Sister Comrade Winnie Mandela Shall Remain with the Black African masses and African people and people of African descent the world over The Global Black and Pan African world revolution is unstoppable and immortal and it shall be victorious on all fronts against all of the enemies of Africa and the African people

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