The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam Salutes The Anti-Racist and Anti-Confederate Resistance in Durham NC

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam which is the Working Class Revolutionary wing of the Lost Found Nation of Islam in the west salutes the Anti-Racist protesters who  toppled the confederate monument in the city of Durham NC for generation this confederate monument has stood in downtown Durham as a symbol of white supremacy and the subjugation of the Black and other Non-White original masses of Durham NC  but no more tonight it is gone and it  must never be allowed to return. for a county and city that is increasingly   non-white  symbols of the confederacy   are very  inappropriate  for an  city that is increasingly non-white and non-European in its demographics   the fight must go on until all confederate symbols  are removed in all of the so-called south. it should be noted and pointed out here  that   the region that most people called the American south the southeast in particular   is actually  the national territory  of the oppressed and occupied New Afrikan  Black Nation  and the rest of it is  occupied  Aztlan and the Land  of the Oppressed  Indigenous First Nation Peoples of turtle island who are the original owners  the US South and all of North America. the fight against racism and white supremacy must go on until the territory   and lands of all these oppressed Nations  of North America are liberated  and taking down all of the political  and cultural symbols of the old confederacy is a major ideological and culture step in that direction  and the actions  tonight  of  the anti-racist and Anti-Confederate  protestors in Durham NC is a right step in that direction.

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