The Need for The Revolutionary Black Nationalist Teachings of Malcolm X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad

George Zimmerman The Murder of Trayvon Martn has been found not guilty by a Seminole County jury in the US State Florida This Verdict shows once again that there is no justice for the Black Man and Black Woman in the racist criminal courts of the United States of The United States of America as The Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian messenger of Allah pointed out The Black Man in The United States is living under The Very shadow of Death The Only Hope for The Black Masses is a Pro Socialist New Democratic revolution that will result in the political independence of The New African Black Nation nothing short of this goal will create freedom justice and equity for the Black Man Woman and Child in addition The Black Nation in North America was taught by Malcolm X That true Black Revolution would entitle fighting for independent Black states within what is now The United States later on The immortal Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad the leader of The modern-day Black Revolution taught that The Black Masses and Black Nation must engage in armed struggle and self-defence against The Forces of White Power Imperialism and its Terrorism against The Black Masses within The United States. Black Power Revolution as Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Taught us is The Only Way to win Black Liberation and an Independent Black Nation State in North America. which will be a Base Area for both The Black Power World Revolution and The Global Pan Original World Socialist Revolution of The Oppressed Non-White Black Brown Red a Yellow and Slavic Masses of The Earth.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam can be contacted at


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