Statement on The Passing of President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

The Leadership and Registered Muslims of The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam are Sad to Learn of the Passing of Our Brother and Comrade President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez has done much over the past decade to re enegize and electrifly The Anti-Impeerialist Camp of The World Comrade Hugo Chavez lifes work was to liberate Venezuela from Imperialism and Neo Colonialism and to bring about The Unity of Latin America and The Caribbean. Comrade President Hugo Chavez was also a Great Pan Moorish Nationalist who strove to link and build bridges of Anti-Imperialist untity between The Lost Found Peoples of Latin American and The Anti-Impeiralist Struggles of The Pan Islamic Homeland The Peoples of Latin American are Lost Found Moors who descend from The Moorish People and Kingdoms of Spain Portugal and North Africa. and President Hugo Chavez during his lifetime wouuld link The Struggle of Latin America and The Caribbean Together with The Struggle of The Pan Islamic Nation and Homeland in The Eastern Hemisphere this was perhaps The Greatest contribution to Revolutonary theory and practice. President Hugo Chavez built and maintained Strong relations with The Islamic Socialist States of Iraq Libya and Syria he defied White World Imperialism by giving his upmost Political Support to Brother Leader Muhammad Gaddafi and Arab Islamic Socialist Syria during The NATO backed counter revolution in Those two countries Hugo Chavez Gave Revolutionary Hope to many around The World. and he will be missed greatly but The National Liberation Struggle of The Lost Found Islamic and Moorish Peoples of The Caribbean and Latin American Shal go on until The Day of The Final Victory Over The Forces of White World Imperialism.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West Can Be Contacted at


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