Saviours Day 2013 Statement on The 136th Anniversary of The Birth of The Islamic Socialist Revolutionary Master Fard Muhammad

136 years ago Today in The Holy City of Mecca Arabia a Saviour was born for The Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses of North and South America who had for the past several hunderd years been lost and stolen away from The Pan Islamic Homeland and The Islamic World. by The White European Imperialists Master Fard Muhammad took it upon himself to come to North America to restore The Lost Found islamic People of the West to The Knoweledge of Thier Islamic Hertiage Culture and Identity. in adddtion Master Fard Muhammad came to also establish Ialamic Socialism among The Lost Found Islamic Peoples in The West as Master Fard Muhammad was a Committed Islamic Socialist who understood that in our Era it is only thought Socialism that Oppressed Peoples can Win Their Liberation. and to that end he established The Allah Temple of Islam which leater evolved into The Lost Found Nation of Islam Master Fard Muhammad Goal was to bring about The National Liberation of all of The Indigenous Peoples of North and South American and The Lost found Moorish Islamic Peoples of Europe starting with The New Afrikan Black Masses and Native American Indigenous People of Turtle Island within The United States. and from There all of The Indigenous and Non-White Peoples thoughout The Rest of The Western Hemisphere if The Non-White Pan Original Masses of North and South America are to ever be free of White Imperiaism then They must accept and Follow The Islamic Socialist Teachngs of Master Fard Muhammad and Unite and Move as One Unit and One People and Create a Pan Indigenous and Pan Turanian Nation State that will stretch from Alaska to Uruguary also Today The Islamic World in The East is in Crisis from Mali to Indonnsia if The Afrikan Arab Iranian and Turkish Peoples along with The Other Islamic Peoples of The East are to be Liberated then They too Must Unite as One Unit and create a Pan Islamic Socialist Nation State that will extend from Central Africa to Indonesia and Beyond. only by adhering to The Islamic Socialist Teachings of Master Fard Muhammad The Pan Islamic People and Ummah will Indeed trow out Western Imperialism and Zionism from The Pan Islamic Homeland and Create a New Islamic Golden Age on This Earth Together The Lost Found Islamic Peoples of the West and The Islamic Peoples of The East Shall obtain Liberation and Restore The Power of The Pan Islamic Nation.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam can be Contacted at


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