Christopher Dorner a Proletarian Islamic Maoist View

Over The Past Few Days ther has been much debate within Revolutionary Communist circles and among The Black Nationalist and Islamic forces over wherever Christopher Dorner was a Revolutionary and if his battle with The Los Angeles Police Department was a Revolutionary Struggle or a fight between Imperialists and Thw White Imperialist System since Christopher Dorner was an ex LA cop who only broke with The White Imperialist Systerm after he was fired from The LA Police Force after filling a complaint againist a White Police officer for using Excessive froce aganist a Black Man. yes it is true and can not be negated that Christopher Dorner was a stooge and servant of Imperialism at one point in his Life due to the Social Role that he played as a Police Officer on The Los Angeles Police Force. this is not to say that Christopher Dorner was a bad person no we say this because an individual can never rise above his or hers Social Role that They play in Society. as Lenin Taught us Long Ago in His Classic Work The State and Revolution a Sate is a body of Armed Men with Police Officers and Prisons at its Disposal The Government of The United States is an White Supremacist Imperialist State Built on Slavery The African Holocaust and The Murder and Thief of The Lands of The Indgenuious People of North America and the Thief of Land from Mexico and The Oppression of Non-White Original People Worldwide. all of This is The Imperialist System That Christopher Dorner once worked for and swore to uphold and defend as a Los Angels Police Officer but is also has to be stated that it was while being a Los Angeles Police Officer that Christopher Dorner begin his Self -Criticsm and Self-Refection that led him to later take up Arms against The Los Angeles Police Department. in This he Resembles The Fictional Character Ben Richards from The 1987 Hollywood Movie called The Running Man The Ben Richards Character played by The actor Arnold Schwarzengger was also a California cop like Christopher Dorner who after a period of Self -Criticm and Self-Refection also turned againist The System and become a Beloved folk hero to The Oppressed Masses. just like Christopher Dorner has become a folk Hero to The Oppressed Black Latino and other Non-White Oppressed Masses within the United States and Around The World. due to his armed actions against The Racist Los Angeles Police Department. The Lost Found Proletarian Nation fo Islam as well as The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam does not believe that Conditions are ripe for Armed Struggle within The United States. but The Actions of Christopher Dorner shows that The White Imperialist System is in a deep Crisis and in This Present Crisis many Members of The Us Military and Police Forces espeacially from The Oppressed Non-White Oppressed Nations and Communites will turn their Guns on The Imperialist System. as They Self – Refect on The Social Role that They play and as they look at and review The Very Nature of The White Imperialist System that they serve. Christopher Dorner May Very Well Be The First of Millons More of his type in The Future in both The Soviet and Chinese Revolutuons there were many figures such as Chritopher Dorner who were members of The Old Reactionary System that came over to The Side of The People and The Revolution The Revolution in North America will be no Different in This Respect. Christopher Dorner may not have been a part of a Revolutionary Organization with a Revolutionary Ideology but despite this he Struck Fear into The Heart of Many White Racists within The United States and he Further Exposed The Corrupt and Racist Nature of The Los Angeles Police Department and for Thus he is Beloved and Revered by The Oppressed Black Latino and Non-White Masses within The Prison House of Nations that is The United States. and in that sense Christopher Dorner was a Soldier for The People and a Peoples Warriors and he Shall Never Be Forgotten by The People and His Memory Shall Live on Forever.

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