The Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian Messenger of Allah

Today October 7th 2012  is The 1115th Anniversary of The Birth of The Great  Proletarian Messenger of Allah The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad who forever changed The Face of The World with His Life and Teachings  The Honorable Elijah Muhammad was one of The Greatest Islamic Socialist Revolutionaries Thinkers and Figures of The  past 100 years. and The Great Ideological and Political Heir to The Great Black Afro-Arabian Semitic Islamic Revolutionary Nationalists Edward Wilmot Blyden  Noble Drew Ali and Marcus Garvey. as he Made Islam a Major  Religion within The Western World  while at the same time Building an Islamic  Socialist Economy  within The United States and Other Western Countries while and at the Same Time Building Ties With  The Revolutionary Islamic Socialist States of Egypt and Libya.  and  Other Non-Islamic States such as Socialist Cuba and Socialist China Under The Proletarian  Leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong. The  Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad laid The Ideological Basis for The emergence of The Original Black Panther Party of  Huey P Newton and The Black Power Teachings of Kwame Toure and The Great Power Movement of The 1960s and 1970s and The  Teachings  of The Honorable Minister Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  who was the Father of The Modern Day Black  Nationalist and Black Power Movement. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad  was also great Teacher of Pan Indigenous Nationalism  and The Need for The Black Brown and Red  Indigenous Original Peoples of North and South America to unite and Overthrow White Rule in Both North and South America  and The Need for The Lost Found  Black Brown Red Masses of The America to Build  Political Ethnic and Cultural Ties with The Islamic and Afro-Arabian Turanian World in The East and in The Process Create an Pan Original and Pan Indigenous  Afro-Arabian World Order of The Original Peoples of The Earth. This Political  Goal must Become The Main Agenda of the Day for The Lost Found African Latino and Indigenous Peoples  of North and South America who where all Lost  but Found by Allah in The Person of Master Fard Muhammad The Great Islamic Socialist Mahdi The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Laid The  Ideological Foundation for The Final Victory of The Pan Original Black Brown and Red  Turanian Masses of North and South America  in The Present Day Final  Struggle and Showdown With  The Forces of White World Christian Imperialism.    Ruler-ship of The North and South American Continent  will Return to The Black Brown and Red Pan Original and Turanian Masses  and Our Return to Power will be Thanks to The Divine Islamic Socialist Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. and so it is only Appropriate for The Lost Found Proletarian  Nation of Islam and The Proletarian Muslims of the World to Forever Revere and Honor The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian Messenger of Allah.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West Can Be Contacted at


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