Long Live The Revolutionary Black Communist Teachings of George and Jonathan Jackson

Today is The 42th Anniversary of The Heroic Martyrdom of Comrade Jonathan Jackson and Comrades  James McClan William A Christmas  in a Heroic Urban Guerrilla Action at The Marin County Courthouse in  California. The Heroism of Comrades Jonathan Jackson James McClan and William A Christmas Should never Be Forgotten by The Black Working Class  of The New Afrikan Black Nation and  The Other Revolutionary Classes of The Black Nation. The Revolutionary Writings of Comrade  Jonathan Jackson should Be Studied along side The Writings of his Older Brother George Jackson and The Other Revolutionary Leaders of The Black Panther Party of Oakland California. as The Honorable Minster Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Taught .  Comrade Huey P Newton and George Jackson an his Great and Heroic Younger Brother Jonathan Laid Out The correct Path to Revolution. in North America and their Ideas and Thoughts  should Be Studied like Never Before  The Marin County Martyrs of The Black Panther Party  and Black Guerrilla Family  Should and  Never Be Will Forgotten by The Revolutionary Masses of Our New African Black Nation in North America.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West Can Be Contacted at proletariannationofislam@yahoo.com


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