The Revolutionary Spirit of Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad Still Lives within The Black Working Class of South Africa.

 Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad once said  in his Historic Speech at Kean College in New Jersey back in 1993  that all  whites  should be given 24 hours  to leave South Africa or die  This Revolutionary Spirit and Vision of  Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad still lives within The Black South African Working Class  the evidence of this fact was seen in the Revolutionary  execution of Eugene Terre  Blanche The Leader of the White nationalist right-wing reactionary Afrikaner Resistance Movement by two patriotic Black farm workers who were employed on his farm Eugene Terre Blanche was an old wicked White devil who in the Words of Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  had grown old by oppressing Black People. and on april 3  2010 he received his just reward when he was assnationssied by two courageous African patriots who worked for him on his farm and grew tired of being oppressed by him. and so they rendered Black Proletarian Revolutionary justice to the Wicked White Devil Eugene Terre Blanche  and took the white Devil Eugene Terre Blanche out. this action shows that the great revolutionary  spirit still lives within the Black South African Working Class which has a great revolutionary heritage and tradition  of revolutionary struggle against white settler colonialism within  South Africa and the rest of southern Africa. the fight to liberate south africa continues as Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad thought us   for South Africa is still not free despite the fact that Nelson Mandela was elected President of South Africa in 1994 and his party the African Nation Congress ever since the masses of South Africans are still oppressed by  White setter colonialism and Zionism  as well as the sell out Uncle Tom Comprador Black bourgeoisie within South Africa The Black Proletarian Masses of the country are the Vanguard of Revolutionary change within South Africa .  what is needed in South Africa is for the South African  Black Masses to accept the life-giving teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad The Proletarian Messenger of Allah. and the teachings of Proletarian Islam  which is the International ideology of the Pan Islamic Working Class. what is needed in South Africa or Azania is an Pan African Proletarian Islamic Revolution led by the Black South African Working Class. which  can be a foco for revolution in the rest of the African continent and the Arab World all of Africa and Arabia from  Mecca Arabia to Azania South Africa is one Nation as the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Proletrian Messanger of Allah thought that Mecca Arabia  and the Nile valley of Egypt is the cradle of the aboriginal Black Nation.  and so now the Arabian Peninsula Iraq and Greater Syria should be reunited  into one Giant Afro- Arabian Islamic Socialist Nation State under the rule of the African and Arabian Workers and Peasants. stretching from the Holy City Mecca Arabia to Cape Town Azania.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam can be contacted at


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