The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam in The West Statement on the Police Murder of Little Sister Ayanna Jones by The Detroit Police Department.

The Lost found Proletarian Nation of Islam in the West. condemns the murder of Little Sister Ayanna Jones by the Detroit Police Department. and we send our most sincere condolences to  her family  friends and love ones. the brutal and savage murder of our Black and Original Nation and People by the White devil police Departments  across the United States must end and will end. the only way that the murder of Black People and all other original people by the US government will  end  only when The Black and Original  Masses  in North America stop turning the other check. and start playing the White devils and their government  agencies back with an eye for an  eye  every time there is a death in the Black and Original  communities from Police terrorism. or white racism there must be a death within the White community as well. this tactic must be applied across the country. until the terror and mob attacks against the Black and Original Nation and people is bought to an end. of course the Black and Original Masses will never be free until the present white Zionist Power structure of the United States is overthrown. by the Black and Original Working class. and an Socialist State of the Black Brown Red Yellow and Islamic Masses is set up here in North America.

The Lost Found Proletarian Nation of Islam can be contacted at


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